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Adam Wilson is a highly decorated 15-year law enforcement veteran. He was recognized in 2018 by the National Association of Police Organizations that sponsors the annual TOP COP awards for his handling of a human trafficking investigation in North Carolina.

Sgt. Wilson has served as a SWAT senior operator and is trained to carry out specialized, military-style tactics in confrontations with violent criminals. He also collaborated with federal authorities in cases involving public corruption, sexual exploitation of minors and corrupt organizations. Concurrently, he served in a street crime unit that safeguarded against illegal guns, Gangs, and drugs.

Adam has received five commendations for outstanding service and is a two-time winner of an Exceptional Service award. He earned his master’s in Criminal Justice, is an E.A. Morris Fellow for Emerging Leaders in North Carolina and was appointed to the state Human Relations Commission by former Governor Pat McCrory.

Adam’s first book, Tactical Reload, is now available with Amazon and other major retailers.

  • Recognized by US Attorney General Jeff Sessions as the 2018 North Carolina Recipient of NAPO (National Association of Police Organizations) Award for Top Cops

  • Police Leadership Award

  • Unit Meritorious Award (2x)

  • Commendation for Dedication to Community, Gaston County Police

  • Advanced Law Enforcement Certificate

  • Exceptional Duty Award (2x)

  • Commendations for Outstanding Service (5x)

  • Certificate of Appreciation, United States Marshall Service

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