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Virginia’s Proposed Gun Laws Are Unconstitutional and Immoral

The other day I was asked a question that really made me think. The question was referring to the unconstitutional events taking place in Virginia regarding the "soon to be law" gun confiscation. What would I do, really, no BS? What would I do if this was taking place in my state, would I enforce [...]

Pardons in Kentucky Put People in Danger

We have always known that politics and politicians can make citizens’ lives difficult. What’s more, their actions can make the job of law enforcement very hard and put citizens in potential danger. I am not speaking in abstracts. Rather, I’m speaking of the very real damage and danger that former Kentucky Republican Governor Matt Bevin [...]

Lawmakers in Virginia Willing to Use Military to Enforce Gun Control?

Wading through current affairs, or any news nowadays, is difficult. Our television, newspapers, and social media is saturated with sensationalized 'big stories' while many other stories are under-reported, or never make the news at all. Thereby, important issues and points remain hidden until it is too late for anyone to do anything. This way, even [...]

Blame the Perpetrator for Active Shooter Events, Not the Gun

The number of active shooter events are more frequent in our society than ever before and they are also more widely reported in the age of social media. With such news comes inevitable, lengthy discussions from the online ‘expert’ who has unrealistic opinions on how any given active shooter event should have been handled — [...]

Don’t Be Too Quick to Judge Police Conduct in Florida Highway Shooting

We had yet another shootout unfolding on December 5 in Miami, captured by news helicopters and terrified onlookers. What happened on the Miramar Parkway in Miami, involving the UPS truck, is an absolute tragedy. Sadly, even before the dust had settled on that South Florida highway, the amateur "experts" from the internet had already taken [...]

On Capitol Hill with Former Sheriff and U.S. Representative David Reichert

When I began to write Tactical Reload: Strategy Shifts for Emerging Leaders in Law Enforcement I never thought I would find myself in Washington, D.C interviewing former Sheriff David Reichert, who was serving his seventh term as the U.S. Representative for Washington state's 8th Congressional District. This man is one of my personal heroes for [...]