Wading through current affairs, or any news nowadays, is difficult. Our television, newspapers, and social media is saturated with sensationalized ‘big stories’ while many other stories are under-reported, or never make the news at all.

Thereby, important issues and points remain hidden until it is too late for anyone to do anything. This way, even if an uproar is started, the pushback is minimal. It’s a tactic that politicians use at all levels.

Such is the case in Virginia right now.

After November’s Virginia Legislature elections that led to Democrats taking control of both chambers, the gun control legislation proposed by some Democrats moved forward, proposing a much stricter regulation. Now, the push to pass gun laws may not alarm anyone because it’s such a common theme in Democratic-controlled state governments.

But this time it’s different.

Every news network in the country seems to be solely focused on the impeachment hearings, and for a good reason: it’s a big deal. However, the coverage of Trump and these hearings are providing ample concealment for lawmakers to push through potentially unpopular decisions. And unpopular they are.

Legal firearm owners in the state already joined with their sheriffs to form Second Amendment sanctuary counties, which declare the authorities in these municipalities uphold the Second Amendment in the face of the proposed gun control measures.

The police force in the state is put into the crossfire in this situation.

Enforcing these unpopular measures of gun seizures is not only against the current law, but it’s also downright dangerous. But Democratic lawmakers in Virginia advised that “the law is the law.” If the police did not adhere to upholding this law, they would call in the National Guard to enforce it. So that everyone understands, “enforcing” gun laws means prosecution along with seizures of weapons.

Let me reiterate, so everyone knows what was just said.

These lawmakers, who work for us, U.S. citizens, are threatening to use the military against citizens to enforce gun confiscation and seize our private property.

If allowed, this would set a dangerous precedent across the country.

This action is precisely why the Second Amendment was created. It’s to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government.

Do you want an uprising? Because this is how you start an uprising. These same lawmakers, who will call the right-wing Americans “Nazis” are willing to take away our methods of self-defense through military force. What sounds more like Nazism?

The hypocrisy in the “law is the law” argument is that, if there is a law the Democratic-controlled government wants to be enforced, they are willing to call in the military to do so. If the law in question is not something that serves their agenda, such as the case with immigration and ICE detainers, they are ready to ignore those laws. With this logic, the law only really matters when it supports the narratives of the lawmakers.

Charlottesville, Virginia, Police Chief RaShall Brackney suggested in a judicial committee meeting earlier this year that all weapons should be banned.

Really? All weapons? For the sake of this argument, I would like to invite Chief Brackney to, first of all, define “weapon.” If I pick up any inanimate object and hit you with it, does it not then, in turn, become a weapon? Do you mean all knives? Baseball bats? Saucepans? I once saw someone shot with a flare gun. What exactly are we talking about here?

When I hear police “leaders” make generalized, blanket statements like this, it makes me think two things.

First, this individual is so out of touch and separated through rank with actual police work that they no longer remember practical policing. Second, this person understands that this stance will bring personal gain through news coverage. Too many police leaders want to use their position for their own self-interest and political ambitions. It’s hard for me to fathom that the Chief’s subordinates, who risk their lives daily to protect and serve, would support her stance to, well, basically ban anything that can be moved.

I hope everyone is paying close attention to what is occurring in Virginia. No matter your political affiliation, the fact that lawmakers are willing to use the military to make you comply with their regulations and seize your property should scare the hell out of you.