The other day I was asked a question that really made me think. The question was referring to the unconstitutional events taking place in Virginia regarding the “soon to be law” gun confiscation.

What would I do, really, no BS? What would I do if this was taking place in my state, would I enforce it?

I believe many officers would deny the law initially, but with house payments looming, they would likely soon begin following orders and find themselves confiscating firearms. Some officers will blindly follow whatever they are told to do. Some may even agree with the laws and gladly enforce it. And then there is my category.

Considering all that is at stake, my answer is this: No, I would not enforce it. While I love my job, I have always said that if I am asked to do something that compromises my principals and beliefs, then I would find another way to serve. I refuse to become the tool of a corrupt government. Let me say that again; I refuse to become a corrupt government tool. Not only do I believe the acts in Virginia are unconstitutional, but also immoral.

You see, a firearm is the greatest force equalizer we have. An armed woman is more powerful than an unarmed man. An armed elderly man is more powerful than a young gang member holding a knife. Even if said gang member has a gun, at least the playing fields are a little more even. And yes, a citizen against a tyrannical government.

Let’s take a look at numbers. People love talking points and one I hear very often is that there are approximately 39,000 gun deaths a year. This is a valid number. However, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 5-6 out of every 10 was a suicide, that is 50-60% of gun deaths. While tragic, it was self-inflicted and it’s not from an act of violence. 3% was due to accidental discharges and 37% from homicides.

Then there is the fact that we keep talking about rifles being an issue. I find this almost comical, but it makes great headlines for politicians. In 2018, the majority of homicides were handgun related at 6,603. Next up were knives or cutting instruments at 1,515. The number of people being beaten to death with hands or feet was 672. Blunt objects were next at 443 and finally rifles at 297. Statistically, rifle deaths account for less than 2% of all homicides in the U.S. yet get most of the headlines.

The CDC has also reported that guns save approximately 500,000 lives a year and quite possibly many more. How many of you have heard about that one? Not many, I bet. Why? Because guns saving half a million lives a year goes against the false narratives about guns, so this number is ‘conveniently’ swept under the rug. Now you can see why I think it is immoral to take away people’s access to proper self-defense.

What does the Virginia legislature think of these numbers? Well it’s hard to say, but one number they were concerned with was the budget for corrections and raising it. They are so intent on instantly making law abiding citizens felons, they increased the corrections budget to accommodate the uptick of inmates.

Active shooter situations occur where the suspect is not likely to be confronted by someone with a gun, i.e. gun free zone schools, churches, mosques, etc. You don’t see active shooters letting loose at a gun show, because there is 100% certainty that they will be met with a firearm and be instantly overpowered.

I don’t believe many of these Virginia politicians know anything about firearms.

In a stressful situation, everyone becomes much less accurate. If you are not a seasoned shooter, there is a high probability you are going to miss a lot of shots from a handgun if someone is breaking into your house. Take my wife, for instance. She isn’t a seasoned shooter but understands the fundamentals of handling a gun. However, she isn’t prepared or trained for what ‘fight, or flight’ will do to her physiologically. There is a good chance that she will miss multiple shots with a handgun while trying to get back on target after the recoil. Now, if she has a rifle with 30 rounds in it, it’s a game-changer. The recoil is almost non-existent; the ability to point and shoot with greater accuracy is instantly improved. To take away that comfort of self-defense is morally wrong, and I will shout this from the rooftops for every American.

So, my answer to what I would do is: No, I wouldn’t comply. I refuse to be used as a tool for a corrupt government.