Police Sergeant Training App

Police Sergeant Adam WilsonCreated by experienced law enforcement professionals, the Police Exam training app helps you prepare for promotion exams.

300 questions designed to mirror the content you’ll find on a typical police sergeant or promotional exam. Plus, 200 terminology flash cards to help you think fast and avoid common slip-ups.

The Police Exam covers questions common to law enforcement in all 50 states.* Developed by officers who have been there, the knowledge in this app is both situational and follows Supreme Court decisions.

Don’t waste money on expensive books and study materials that you’ll only use once. Prepare on your own time, from anywhere, and take the practice exams as often as you like.

Prepare for the Police Sergeant’s Exam

  • 300 Police Exam Questions

  • 200 Police Terminology Flash Cards

  • Common to All 50 States

  • Practice Exams as Often as You Need

  • Adheres to Supreme Court Guidelines

Police Sergeant Training App

Available on Apple iOS and Android

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*Always adhere to your local law enforcement laws and standards of conduct.