Tactical RELOAD

Strategy Shifts for Emerging Leaders in Law Enforcement

Tactical Reload

Strategy Shifts for Emerging Leaders in Law Enforcement

Tactical Reload offers a road map for police professionals eager to succeed as America transitions from unrest to a new age of social enlightenment.

Through honest personal stories and interviews with top police chiefs and thought leaders, Wilson thoroughly explores the present crisis of law enforcement and foreshadow a safer future.

  • Embrace “Embarrassment School” as an important rite of passage

  • Respect people who commit crimes as a humane strategy for building trust

  • Reject Millennial entitlement and impatience or jeopardize rank promotions

  • Win department and community accolades by behaving well in or out of uniform

  • Discover why authentic cops don’t need to prove they are tough, but they had better heed mental fitness advice from a retired Navy Seal

  • Learn how mandatory psychological tests for cops could remove the shame of vulnerability and decrease suicides

  • Build character and improve advancement by blending new academic credentials with street smarts

Adam Wilson speaks to the tremendous potential for all law enforcement officers including rookies and those coming up the ranks. His personal experiences illuminate the dangers and ironies of protecting community, while offering insights for improving the fight against crime.

Tactical Reload explores a wide range of topics that shatter assumptions and suggest police may enjoy more respect than ever before-if they continue to upgrade their mindset.

Tactical Reload Book by Adam Wilson

Quotes from Tactical Reload

You hold in your hands a vitally important book for all law enforcement leadership, or for anyone facing the need to bring the next generation into your organization. This book is our ‘road map’ for the incredible challenge of integrating the next generation of police officers into law enforcement operations in the years to come.

I have failed repeatedly. The higher you go up in the leadership ranks the more frequently you should fail, because you’re having to take more risk. You must be willing to step forward and if you’re not willing to step forward, you sure as hell aren’t winning. Failure is an inherent part of risk and the courage to speak up.

Erika Shields, 24th Chief of the City of Atlanta Police Department, an advocate for 21st Century Policing, with a focus on reducing crime while also strengthening trust and collaboration with our communities

No matter what the turmoil, and there will be some, always do the best you can wherever you are. It will get you noticed, and you will move along.

David Reichert, Bestselling author of Chasing the Devil: My Twenty-Year Quest to Capture the Green River Killer, former U.S. Representative for Washington state's 8th Congressional District and former Sheriff of King County, Washington

For Millennials moving into law enforcement, if I could change one thing, the word I can use is entitled. They feel entitled to the authority. There is no element of us that is better than anybody else. All we have is what is earned.

Tim Kennedy, Special Forces Sniper, U.S. Army Ranger and retired Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter
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